Governing By-Laws


Article 1: Anyone with a developmental disability can be a member.

Article 2: Local chapters of members hold meetings.

Article 3: Local chapters elect officers who run the local meetings.

Article 4: Representatives from local chapters attend local meetings.

Article 5: An annual meeting happens at the time of the People First

Article 6: Advisory Board meetings are held at least four times a year, one of which is the People First Conference.

Article 7: The Advisory Board has the power to make decisions related to the People First organization.

Article 8: The Advisory Board is made up of members from any or all chapters in the state.

Article 9: The Advisory Board has six elected officers included in the makeup of the board. They include the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant at arms. The rest of the board is made up of representatives from local chapters.

Article 10: Officers cannot hold consecutive terms in the same position.

Article 11: State Advisory Board members must attend board meetings. If three consecutive meetings are missed, without an excused absence board action will be taken.

Article 12: Decisions are made by a majority of people in attendance at a scheduled statewide meeting. Advisory Board schedules are sent to all known chapters in the state.

Article 13: Annual dues may be added to a local chapter at a later date.

Article 14: All members have the right to vote at any People First meeting.

Article 15: State elections are held every two years.

Article 16: Both the annual meeting and the annual People First Conference are planned by all the chapters in the state.

Article 17: All decisions related to People First events, focus and direction will be the responsibility of the Advisory Board who will speak for their local chapters.

Article 18: The power to alter, amend, or repeal these by-laws or adopt new by laws shall be vested in the Advisory Board with a 30 day notice.