Advisor "Dos" and "Dont's"


Advisor "Dos":

• Know there will be disagreements
• Communicate with members
• Be honest and smart
• Follow through
• Come to all the meetings
• Back us up on rules
• Advise us
• Ask us questions
• Listen
• Ask us what we want you to do
• Take advice from us
• Learn what support each person needs
• Be a friend
• Find ways to help everyone get involved
• Make sure everyone knows when and where the meeting is

Advisor "Don'ts":

• Take over for the leader
• Dictate what we should do
• Be afraid to speak
• Make decisions without the members
• Assume that everyone agrees
• Talk too much
• Do too much for us
• Get frustrated with us
• Represent us at meetings without including us
• Prohibit one of us from participating because others in their agency or home don't want to or can't