The Role of the People First Advisor

As a People First advisor, you are not a member of the chapter. Yet you are closely tied to the chapter, and have the best interests of the chapter and its members at heart. You may not vote or make decisions, and yet the goals and activities of the chapter may only be fulfilled through your efforts. It is a unique role in an organization. It calls for a person who is able to suggest and inform, without leading. An advisor is a person who is able to support other people’s goals, and who works hard for other’s success. Every People First chapter deserves an advisor who is able to act as a resource person for the People First members, and who is capable of helping the members settle disputes, plan activities, and set goals which do not reflect the opinion or goals of the advisor. Some helpful reminders are below which will be useful in helping advisors evaluate their own performance as support people, in their role as a People First advisor. ADVISORS: • Give advice when asked • Help get training • Attend every meeting • Work to change things that stand in the way of meeting goals